Being a Le Mec Ambassador is being part of the Le Mec family. We’re a small operation and we like to keep a positive, inclusive, and motivational crew of people close to us. If that sounds like your kind of vibe, here’s what comes with being a Le Mec Ambassador:

EARN $$$

Opportunity to earn commissions on affiliate sales


Work out, wash it, wear it again and again. We don’t just want you to “test drive” our products, we want you to live in them and let us know what you honestly think. Critical feedback helps us continue to provide only the best products for our community.


Once you’re family, you’re obviously the first to know. You hear about our latest offerings, new product drops, collaborations and get to be the one to spread the good news.


It goes beyond just wearing the clothes and taking cool pictures; we want you to help lead classes, host can’t- miss events, and engage with the larger Le Mec community IRL.


Every few months, we’ll send you up to three curated product packages to outfit yourself for the season.

tell us about yourself

We want to learn more about you and your city to share your top tips, insider knowledge, and life advice with the Le Mec community through our site and social media platforms.


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2. Email

3.Instagram Handle

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