Le Mec — which translates from French as “the guy”— is a premium athletic wear and wellness destination for men.

We help him discover a high-end curation of brands he has possibly never heard of, but are exactly what he's been looking for.

We created Le Mec because we were tired of digging through the depths of the internet for workout gear that actually impressed us. Sure, there’s lots of “good enough” tops and tights on the market, but when was the last time you put your workout clothes on and felt transformed? That’s the feeling we were seeking and we’re proud to say that with Le Mec’s curation, we’ve found it. But we’re never finished, we continue to hunt through every corner of the globe for the products that will help us truly elevate our health and wellness.

It’s our goal and Le Mec’s mission to make it easier for men to shop and discover premium and innovative athletic wear that will elevate their workout.