Off-Race Fleece Jacket | Black


Constructed from Polartec 100 Fleece, the lofted structure of this recycled, synthetic yarn creates thermal air pockets to retain warmth and still allows breathability.

Hosting two zippered front pockets and complementary chest and back pockets, the jacket boasts functionality and style while maintaining a soft and luxurious feel.

  • Polartec® 100 Fleece

  • Woven Swedish nylon details

  • Pilling resistant

  • Fast drying and durable

  • YKK double zipper

  • Branded Road to Nowhere zip pullers

  • Protective funnel neck

  • Printed logo on chest and back pockets

  • Off-Race Fleece Jacket | Black


Looking for functional fleece that lasts long? Look no further...

This collection has hydrophobic properties, water repellency and quick dying, the lofted structure of Polartec 100 Fleece create thermal air pockets to retail warmth while still very breathable.

True to size.

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